US mortgage lender Fannie Mae issues $ 100 billion green bonds

DUBAI: US mortgage company Fannie Mae has reached $ 100 billion in its green bond issues, which it claims to be a major step in “greening the US housing stock”, Arab News reported.

The company began issuing green multi-family mortgage-backed securities more than 10 years ago to support sustainable and affordable housing through its “green building certification” program and “green rewards” program.

“More than ten years ago, we pioneered green mortgage financing to make multi-family housing more energy efficient, which translates into tangible and significant benefits for building owners and residents,” said said Michele Evansee, executive vice president of the listed company in the United States. .

The securities finance in particular houses and communities that meet the criteria of energy efficiency and water saving.

Fannie Mae says their bonds have saved 9.5 billion UK thermal units of energy, 8.5 billion gallons of water and 634,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions across 872,000 properties.

“Fannie Mae is working to accelerate the greening of the housing supply in the United States and to help reduce the carbon footprint of housing,” said Laurel Davis, senior vice president of the company.

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