Upcoming movies with the kids from Stranger Things

Strange things has dominated Netflix as one of the hottest sci-fi dramas today. With a stellar and youthful cast, these young cast members have stolen the hearts of all the fans to enjoy the show.

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With three seasons released since 2016, this cast has certainly started to make waves in the industry. As they grow each year and continue to share their talents, more projects sign up. For fans who can’t get enough of this amazing team, here are 10 upcoming movies to look out for with these talented kids.

10 Noah Schnapp – Hubie Halloween

With just a handful of acting credits, this actor is taking a break from playing Will Byers to hit the big screen for this animated family movie. Other voices will include Adam Sandler and Steve Buscemi.

This Halloween comedy takes place in Salem, and Hubie is a laughing figure for this holiday. However, this year he has to save Halloween. This young man will lend his voice to this long-awaited animated film.

9 Finn Wolfhard – Ghostbusters: Beyond (2020)

This character is best known to fans of this show as Mike Wheeler, but it turns out that he will hit the big screen later in 2020 for the next installment of this iconic and infamous franchise.

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He will play a major role, as Trevor, alongside Mckenna Grace, Paul Rudd and, of course, Bill Murray. This movie is slated for a July release and will certainly be packed with action, comedy, and full of Ghostbusters charm.

8 Sadie Sink – Dear Zoe (2020)

This young lady plays Max Mayfield in this sci-fi show, but she actually has two movies in post-production coming out in 2020. This one, Dear Zoe, is a coming-of-age comedy drama in which a teenage girl recruits her laziest father and the charming juvenile delinquent next door to help her mourn the death of her younger sister.

Sadie Sink is the lead, and this movie is sure to make every fan of this show (and any movie!) Laugh and cry from beginning to end. For fans of Strange things, This movie is expected to have the same pure, youthful adventure vibes.

7 Millie Bobby Brown – Godzilla vs. Kong (2020)

Millie Bobby Brown has achieved stellar fame from this show, and has two films in post-production. This sci-fi action thriller is no stranger to movie buffs, and these classic monsters will hit the big screen together.

Millie Bobby Brown will take the lead, with supporting actors Alexander Skarsgard and Elza González. This iconic sci-fi story will hit theaters in late 2020.

6 Caleb McLaughlin – Concrete Jeans

This young actor is known for playing Lucas Sinclair in Strange things, But this next star already has a handful of acting credits under her belt.

This drama will follow a teenager who discovers the joys of horseback riding after moving with his estranged father to North Philadelphia amid poverty and gentrification. With Idris Elba, McLaughlin will take the lead as Cole.

5 Joe Keery – Free Boy (2020)

This popular young actor is Steve Harrington on this popular Netflix show, but he has a new movie coming out in 2020. This action-adventure comedy will star Taika Waititi and Ryan Reynolds.

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The plot of this movie will center on a bank teller who realizes that he is actually an NPC in an open world video game. This comedy has a stellar cast and will likely bring some laughs to the theater.

4 Natalia Dyer – Things Heard and Seen (2020)

This horror thriller tells the story of an artist who moves to the Hudson Valley, where she begins to feel something sinister in her marriage. Starring alongside Amanda Seyfried, Natalie Dyer will be directing this film.

This movie is in post-production and will be released sometime in 2020. Of course, fans know and love Dyer as Nancy Wheeler from this hit show, and fans are beyond excited to see what she has to come in the next. horror genre.

3 Gaten Matarazzo – Hump

This animated family film is still in pre-production, but it is confirmed that this young man will offer his voice as Rami alongside Ramy Youssef and Simon Pegg. This film will follow desert animals on a journey through the Arabian desert.

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Of course, Matarazzo is best known for his role as Dustin Henderson, and this blockbuster film will be only his third official acting credit. This young cast will definitely have their voices heard in these animated family movies, and true fans of the show will be able to recognize them.

2 Charlie Heaton – The New Mutants (2020)

Charlie Heaton plays Jonathan Byers in Strange things, But this young actor is jumping to the big screen in search of a new sci-fi horror. This action movie will be released in early April and will also star game of Thrones students Maisie Williams.

This film will follow five young mutants as they discover their abilities in a secret facility, where they are held against their will. To escape, they must come face to face with their past sins. This teen sci-fi comic book movie is sure to entertain.

1 Millie Bobby Brown by Enola Holmes (2020)

In 2020, Milly Bobby Brown will also star in this mystery drama alongside Henry Cavill and Sam Clafin. This story tells the story of Enola Holmes, the sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes, who becomes a fugitive and private detective after the disappearance of her mother.

This young actress has become one of the young women best known for her role as Eleven in this hit sci-fi show. For Milly Bobby Brown fans, you know that she will certainly kill this interesting role.

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