TN reaches out to U.S. civil rights leader to help state deliver vaccines

Through Express press service

CHENNAI: The government of Tamil Nadu has contacted US civil rights leader Jesse Jackson (Sr) to ensure that at least 60 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine from surplus stocks in the US are shipped to India at the earliest .

In an appeal to Jackson on the leadership of CM MK Stalin, Finance Minister Dr Palanivel Thiaga Rajan held a zoom call meeting on May 21 and urged Jackson to ask US President Joe Biden to quickly release a batch of AstraZeneca vaccines for India (including a share allocated to the state of Tamil Nadu) out of the 80 million vaccines the United States has offered to donate to foreign countries, according to a statement released by Rainbow Push Coalition.

The press release quoting the Minister of Finance saying that Tamil Nadu has inexplicably received a very low quota of vaccines, in proportion to its population (6.5% against 16.5% for Gujarat for example). It seems that further attributions in the future are also not likely. Therefore, the only possibility of mitigation is the acquisition of a large amount of vaccine abroad, he said.

The finance minister said Tamil Nadu has the best medical infrastructure with one doctor per 300-400 inhabitants and access to primary health care in almost every village. This can ensure that AstraZeneca’s mass vaccinations will be delivered effectively in a timely manner, he said.

On Monday, Jesse Jackson Sr. delivered a personal message to the Chief Minister: “Help is on the way. We are by your side. Let us have hope. We will do our best to ensure that the State of Tamil Nadu receives its justice. soon to share anti-covid vaccines. “

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According to a statement from Rainbow Push Coalition, Jackson Sr., Founder and Chairman of Rainbow Push Coalition, as well as Dr. Vijay G Prabhakar, National Chairman, American Association of Multi Ethnic Physicians, USA and Global Ambassador of Rainbow Push Coalition are camping in Washington to make sure vaccines get shipped to India.

Dr Vijay Prabhakar, Global Ambassador of the Rainbow Push Coalition and President of the Tamil Nadu World Federation, informed the Minister of Finance that Jackson Sr. is in contact with US President and Vice President Kamala Harris to assist governments from the states of India to buy AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccines from the manufacturers.

It is learned that during the interaction, the Minister of Finance explained the history and development of the Dravidian movement in South India and drew a parallel with the American civil rights movement. He declared his deep respect and admiration for Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr.’s lifelong efforts for civil rights, and as the fourth generation of his family to work for the Dravidian ideals of social justice and inclusive growth, a said it was a great privilege to meet and work with Reverend Jackson Sr. on this initiative.

Parthiban Shanmugam, Secretary General, World Federation of Tamil Youth, Atlanta, Georgia, Padmanabhan Venkatesan, Treasurer, World Federation of Tamil Youth, Phoenix, Arizona, Alli Dhanaraj, Deputy Secretary General, World Federation of Tamil Youth, Neperville, Illinois , Vijayakumar Jaganathan, Executive Vice President, World Federation of Tamil Youth, Indian Section, Bangalore, India, and Shree Gurusamy, Chair of Social Services, US Congressman Danny K. Davis Multi-Ethnic Advisory Working Group took part in the zoom meeting.

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