The Greens will set their priorities as the election approaches

Greens leader Adam Bandt will outline his party’s priorities if it holds the balance of power after Saturday’s federal election.

These include taking urgent action on climate change, addressing the cost of living crisis and bringing justice to Australia’s First Nations people by advancing the Uluru Declaration from the Heart.

“Voters deserve to know what will be on the negotiating table,” Mr Bandt told party loyalists at the Greens’ national campaign launch in Brisbane on Monday.

“Of course, we want to see all of our policies implemented, but these will be at the top of the list.”

The Greens will tackle the climate crisis by shutting down new coal and gas mines, and tackle the rising cost of living by integrating dental and mental health into Medicare, building affordable housing and making free child care.

He also wants to tackle inequality and cost-of-living pressures by pushing to erase student debt and increase income support above the poverty line.

At the same time, big corporations and billionaires will pay their fair share of taxes.

“This election has become a close struggle between a terrible government that has to go and a visionless opposition that continues to agree with them,” Bandt will say during his speech.

“The Greens will kick out the Liberals and keep work on track.”

The Greens have also published their political costs, which have been prepared by the Independent Parliamentary Budget Office and relate to the period 2021/22 to 2024/25.



* No new coal and gas mines and support for coal workers – $2.8 billion

* Dental and mental health in Medicare – $17.4 billion

* Build one million affordable homes and better rights for tenants – $9.3 billion

* Free child care – $16 billion

* Erasing student debt – $33.2 billion

* Increase income support above the poverty line ($88/day) – $94.3 billion

* Progress on all elements of the Heart Uluru Declaration – $25 million

*Total spending – $173.02 billion


*Tycoon Tax (Corporate Super Profits Tax, Mining Super Profits Tax and Corporate Tax Evasion) – $80.4 billion

*Billionaire Tax (including Pandemic Billionaire Tax) – $46.5 billion

* Ending business subsidies (making gas exporters pay and ending subsidies for coal, oil and gas) – $55.9 billion

Total revenue and savings – $182.7 billion

NET BUDGET SAVINGS – $9.71 billion

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