Some Odds and Endings for the 2020 Ultimate Adventure Long Range Jeep # UA2020

We said it before and we will say it again. Building an Ultimate Adventure platform requires a village. A lot of people have helped with the project so far. Whether it’s long-distance help from backers who have parts that will solve our problems or friends who lend time in the shop to help with the occasional phone call to outside experts to get their opinions and experiences on how to make parts fit. unite, we can’t do this in a vacuum.

We mentioned the help we have received from Chris Durham at Chris Durham Motorsports (both in the form of parts and tips), and from our longtime friend Chad Campbell who helped us with the wheels and tires, but we also have several other people to thank. . Rob Bonney of Rob Bonney Fabrication is always in the mix, giving us advice and helping us make beautiful custom pieces for each of these projects, and you’ll see more of RBF as construction progresses. Chad McKinney of Quick Draw Brands has frequently received texts on a variety of topics. Steve Sanders from Cummins is on speed dial. Dave Chapelle from Dirt Every Day is an incredible sounding board for our sometimes bizarre ideas. Also, since Monday morning, our friend and UA Crony Ken Smith from South Carolina has been in town to help out.

Building a project during the Covid-19 era has raised some issues as well, but so far, we’ve discovered a workaround for just about everything that we just can’t get locally or by mail. Although installing beautiful axles from Dana, attractive suspension parts from Skyjacker, new Turbo Dies from Cummins, and awesome wheels and new tires from TR Beadlocks and Falken is what we live for, there are a lot of boring little jobs that need to be done. For today’s delivery of the 2020 Ultimate Adventure Long Range all terrain, we will thank you for the help and show you some of the less sexy little projects that we have recently started or finished. We assembled the computer, Cummins oil filter, fuel filter, brake lines, brake hoses, a power steering reservoir, and more. We have assembled a board cutout at Rob Bonney Fabrication. Also, we can show you some of the patches we had to do to the floor of the Jeeps for the shifters and the T box clearance. Ken even helped us get the TJ hood in place, so we can think to mount a radiator and intercooler at the front of the Jeep.


Cummins, 800.286.6467,
Dana, 800.621.8084,
Falken Tire,
IH Parts America, 530.274.1795,
Off-road design, 970.945.7777,
onX Offroad
Brand Quick Draw, 513.446.9654,
Quigley Motor Company, 800.233.9358,
Skyjacker Suspension, 318.388.0816,
VooDoo Offroad, 844.866.3661,
Warn Winch, 800.543.9276,

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