Sales of white goods in Turkey down 8% year on year in January and June

Turkey’s white goods sector domestic sales fell 8%, while exports edged up year-on-year in the first six months of the year. The Association of Household Appliance Manufacturers of Turkey (TÜRKBESD) said on Thursday.

The sector’s domestic sales fell 2% in the association said in June while exports fell 6% in the same period, reflecting demand circumstances.

The local market It is expected to shrink further at the end of the year compared to last year, while the exports of the sector should be parallel or slightly higher than last year.

Results of the sector assessment in the first half of 2022 online During his press conference, TÜRKBESD President Can Denscher said that 2022 will be a difficult year globally.

“The increase in raw material prices and supply problems He added that the war between Russia and Ukraine had exacerbated these conditions one of the locomotive industries, measures to be taken in order to maintain the competitiveness of the sector white goods which exports 75% of its production, among our most important items on the agenda for this period.

Local market deflation Continue year-to-date Dincer said: “We believe that increasing the number of credit card payments will be beneficial in yes supporting consumer purchasing power. In addition to the cancellation of TBS, consumers will be able to meet their needs more easily, increasing demand and ensuring that production continues vigorously.

One of the important items on the agenda of the meeting was the dumping procedures for flat steel products, which are the main inputs for white goods.

TÜRKBESD Board Member Muhammad Yavuz said flat steel accounts for 17% of white goods sector spending on average and confirmed that the product is under anti-dumping investigation, one major inputs for many manufacturing industries. , as well as the appliance sector.

“The amount of hot-rolled sheets produced in our country is not at the level that can meet the product demand. The gap is necessarily filled by imports. About 36% of Turkey’s HRC imports come from Russia and 22% from Turkey. Ukraine The fact that there can no longer be imports made from both countries necessitates a rapid variety of sources of anti-dumping ruling for EU and South Korean products in the range of the investigation negatively affects the competitiveness of “all exporting manufacturing sectors, including white goods,” Yavuz said.

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