Plane crash claims a second life

Niël Terblanche

The gyroplane accident that occurred about ten kilometers from Windhoek on Thursday claimed a second life.

Hafeni Mushixwa, a senior aircraft accident investigator at the Aircraft Accident Investigation Directorate, could only confirm that the person who was in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit of one of Windhoek’s hospitals succumbed to his injuries in hospital. sometime during Thursday. night

He said several forensic procedures still need to be completed before the Aircraft Accident Investigation Directorate can produce a preliminary report on the possible cause of the horrific incident.

Although the authorities did not officially release the names of the two young men who were flying in the plane at the time of the accident, they were identified as Donbaldt Noa and Pierre Blaauw.

A woman who witnessed the incident said the plane was flying very low moments before it hit power lines on the road between Windhoek and Hosea Kutako International Airport on Thursday afternoon.

The plane crashed to the ground and burst into flames trapping both occupants inside.

A truck driver, who stopped at the scene after seeing the gyrocopter crash to the ground in front of him, pulled one of the occupants out of the burning wreckage.

It turned out that Noa had unrecognizable burns and that Blaauw was barely clinging to life when he was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

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