Pass Texan-Style Abortion Law In New Jersey – But For Guns | Letters

I tried to figure out the new way Texas lawmakers figured out how to get around the Roe v. Wade on abortion rights by turning ordinary citizens into vigilantes to denounce their neighbors.

Under this law, complaints about recently illicit abortions become civil complaints, and thus fall outsiof normal court proceedings, crushing even the big brains on the United States Supreme Court.

I suggest that some smart person here in New Jersey immediately come up with a law similar to Texas to deal with gun violence. I suggest we make people hand over anyone who might have unscrupulously acquired or used a firearm, or encouraged or instigated another person to do the same.

We will award $ 30,000 to anyone who wins such civil cases, with no opportunity for the accused offender to counterattack. I see absolutely no reason why the rather ingenious Texas legal process designed to eliminate a woman’s legal right to choose cannot apply to a person’s legal right to own a gun.

Let’s start right away on this bill while the pan is hot!

James V. Gruber, Washington, County Warren

The carbon tax is the best solution against climate change

Floods, currents, tornadoes, downpours: the news and daily experiences of too many of us are filled with dangerous evidence of climate change. What is the answer and how soon can we fix this problem?

Congress is currently considering a number of ways to stop and reverse climate change as part of an infrastructure bill. The Senate Finance Committee is looking at one of the most promising actions, a levy on carbon-emitting products at the source of fossil fuel production that would allow us to move forward quickly.

Of all the developed economies in the world, only the United States and Australia do not yet have some form of national carbon pricing. In addition, economic entities like the European Union, a major trading partner, are adopting carbon border adjustments that would tax US imports that produce carbon emissions. Such action would put American businesses at risk if we did not step into the game.

Senator Bob Menendez, DN.J, is a member of the Senate Finance Committee. Let’s all call him Sen. Cory Booker, also DN.J., and Rep. Frank Pallone, D-6th Dist., To push carbon pricing forward now.

Jeanne Boyle, Metuchen

Stop wasting time using fossil fuels

Attention everyone: liberals, conservatives, progressives, independents and intermediaries.

There is no more time for politics and no more time to waste. We face an existential threat to our property, our environment and our lives.

We all need to tell our representatives in Congress in Washington to fully pass the infrastructure bill now. If you think the loss of life and property caused by Hurricanes Henry and Ida and other recent disasters have broken all records, then you know that future storms, fires and floods are expected to be bigger and more destructive.

Now we need a national commitment from Congress and all Americans to rebuild for the future and stop the burning of fossil fuels. Finally, we all need to pay attention to the climate experts, who have been warning us for decades that our apocalypse is coming very soon.

Frank L. Freet, West Milford

Taliban in residence at the Texas Statehouse?

The fear factor for Afghan women under the “New and Improved Taliban” is growing every day. Texas women can probably relate to the state’s very restrictive new abortion law.

Looking at this parallel regarding women’s rights is troubling. I wonder if Afghan women who have been relocated to the United States could refuse to settle in Texas. It would be understandable.

Jeffrey Mark, Chatham

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