On The Rocks Launches ‘Kitchen Acquisition Series’ With Chefs From All Over India

Salmon tart

Last year, Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park brought us traveler’s brunch in response to those who missed out on traveling with all the COVID-19 restrictions. And in the months since, the concept has continued to evolve and develop. Over the past month, Karthi VK, Director of Food and Beverage, shares that the search for “fresh flavors” has literally led staff out of the kitchen and onto the social media of chefs across the country.

And exploration has been simplified at the hotel’s newest property: a kitchen acquisition series called Curate by On The Rocks. Planned as two-week slots in five installments: We’re told to wait for international kitchens that your passport may not allow you to access, for now. Like the classic French cuisine of Normandy home chef Virginie Bompoil, which marks the launch edition of the series that begins today.

Chef Virginie Bompoil with her apple pie

all the classics
The tasting menu on offer is a five-course variety from much-loved firms, such as Salad Nicoise with quail eggs and anchovies for an appetizer and a thick plate of Ratatouille for main courses. We also like that we get a couple of stories from Virginie as we glide through our courses. Like the French onion soup that is artfully poured over cheese croutons for a bit of drama on this particular afternoon; It was one she tried for the first time at age 14, early one morning when her aunt explained that it was the perfect hangover cure. We have to smile at the images as we savor their light yet healthy rendition made with chicken broth and chunks of melted butter for a hint of indulgence.


Creative exchange
These fun exchanges are not an exclusive benefit for the guests. We are told that one of the unanticipated by-products of this kitchen takeover was exchanges between chefs that provided creative fuel for menus to come. “How to make quiche with lauki (bottle gourd), ”Virginie says, drawing our curiosity.

For the moment, however, we delve into a succulent Chicken a la moutarde (mustard chicken) made with Virginie’s special homemade mustard. The dessert offers the most delicious apple pie, crumbly and not too sweet as is often the case. Unfortunately, the chocolate profiteroles we’ve had our eye on are by no means
so impressive

From March 5 to 21. INR 2650 (vegetarian) and INR 2950 (non-vegetarian) plus tax per person. Wine pairing available on request. Just for dinner.

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