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“Green hydrogen is better than gasoline and diesel. The transport sector is undergoing a big change.

In favor of green hydrogen as a transport fuel, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Monday said it was necessary to make India a country that is not dependent on petrol and diesel imports . Speaking at an event, Gadkari regretted that some countries are also using the proceeds from the sale of gasoline and diesel to finance terrorism.

“Green hydrogen is better than gasoline and diesel. The transport sector is undergoing a big change.

“We want to make a country which will not depend on the import of gasoline and diesel but will export fuel,” said the Minister of Road Transport and Highways, adding that it was a nationalist vision.

Importing gasoline and diesel, Gadkari, who is known for his outspoken views, said: “We are making countries rich that also finance terrorism.”

However, the Minister of Road Transport and Highways did not name any country.

He added that reducing imports of gasoline and diesel can solve many of the problems facing the country.

Gadkari said it is unfortunate that India has to import aluminum and copper even though the country has an abundance of these metals.

“The economy and the environment are important … it is necessary to protect the environment and the ecology, but development and infrastructure work should not be stopped,” he stressed.

Referring to the issue of recent power cuts in parts of the country, he said the situation for state-run Discoms was very bad.

He noted that in the near future, India would need more power as there is a likelihood that the country’s economic growth will accelerate.

“So, probably in December, January, February, March, April and May, we might be faced with the problem of power shortage.

“We used to have an electricity surplus, now we are facing an electricity shortage,” he said.

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Green hydrogen is produced by separating water molecules with a stream of renewable electricity in electrolysers. Gas is touted as a clean replacement for fossil fuels in industries that are otherwise difficult to decarbonize.

The report builds on the IEA’s historic roadmap to achieve the net zero goal by 2050 to identify key milestones, challenges and opportunities for G7 members. A follow-up to the G7 summit in June, it is designed to inform discussions at the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, of which the UK also chairs.

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