Margex presents a series of major updates

VICTORIA, SEYCHELLES, 24 January 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Margex, the fastest growing cryptocurrency trading platform, has recently announced a list of major updates, including several new deposit options, industry-leading guarantees, and more, putting it ahead of the curve when it comes to cryptocurrency trading.

Expand accessibility, add more deposit options
Margex is expanding the list of deposit options and recently listed ETH, USDC, Link, USDP, wBTC, PAX, Tron and USDT (erc20 and trc20), the latter allowing deposits and withdrawals with fees as low as $1.

DAI and Terra USD are also available to the DeFi community on Margex, allowing users to protect their trading profits in the volatile market.

Each new deposit method comes with a bonus of $100, which can be claimed for each coin separately, after opening a wallet and making a deposit in the appropriate currency.

Guarantees and establishment of the outcome of the agreement
Another feature of the latest update is the addition of cross guarantees. This feature, unique to Margex, allows users to trade all available pairs with their preferred collateral without needing to own any of the underlying assets used in the trade – all in one account, without the need for exchange assets

Cross collateral significantly improves risk exposure by allowing users to select any of the coins available on the platform to use as margin when trading.

The list of new features also includes:

— Faster trading engine
Margex’s trading engine has kept pace with the evolution of the industry, with 100,000 transactions per second.

— Add/remove margin
Users can minimize their risk by adding or removing margin from live trades.

— Adjustable trading terminal
After being nominated for the best user experience exchange in its category, Margex has further improved the user interface of the exchange by adding an adjustable trading terminal.

— Multilingual interface
and more..

Margex is the go-to cryptocurrency trading platform for thousands of traders who prefer full control over their transactions along with transparency and security. In addition to the premium user experience, the platform offers up to 100x leverage on all its trading pairs such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, Litecoin and exclusively

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