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New Delhi: Following China’s announcement to stop financing coal-fired electricity abroad, a group of countries such as Sri Lanka, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Montenegro and the UK have announced a ‘No New Coal Power Compact’, aimed at encouraging all other countries to commit to halt construction of new coal-fired power plants to keep the target of 1.5 degrees Celsius at at hand.

For the first time, a diverse group of developed and developing countries have come together to spur global efforts to end new generation of coal-fired electricity.

Their new initiative requires signatories to immediately stop authorizing and end relentless new construction of coal-fired power generation projects by the end of the year.

These countries call on all other governments to take these steps and join the Pact before the COP26 of the United Nations Climate Summit in order to help achieve the summit’s ambitious goal of “putting coal energy into the world. ‘story”.

The No New Coal Power Compact responds to the UN Secretary-General’s call for countries to end construction of new coal-fired power plants this year, as a first step in keeping the target of 1.5 degrees Celsius at within reach and avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change, as well as achieving Sustainable Development Goal 7 to provide affordable and clean energy.

The announcement made at the United Nations High-Level Dialogue on Energy in the form of an Energy Pact on Friday signals the signatories’ commitment to take decisive action to end construction of new coal-fired power plants and show example to other countries – recognizing its negative impacts on climate change and air pollution.

Energy pacts are living documents and other countries are encouraged to join. The group aims to bring together as many new signatories as possible as quickly as possible.

The United Nations High-Level Dialogue on Energy is a Secretary-General-led summit that discusses energy for the first time in 40 years. It recognizes the essential role of energy in advancing climate goals, as well as development priorities, including COVID recovery processes.

Countries launching the pact can advocate for other countries to commit to “no new coal energy”, building on a solid foundation of their own experience.

Sri Lanka and Chile have recently shown leadership by canceling new coal projects and making political statements that they will no longer look for new coal-fired plants.

Denmark, France, Germany, Montenegro and the UK have already canceled their last coal projects and are now focused on accelerating the phase-out of their remaining coal-fired power generation.

The signatory countries recognize that countries, workers and communities in the developing world need help to move away from coal-fired power generation in a sustainable and economically inclusive manner.

Among the forms of support needed, UN Energy, the Energy Transition Council and the Powering Past Coal Alliance are there to help countries wishing to start this process.

Alok Sharma, President-designate of COP26, said: “Making coal history is crucial to avert catastrophic climate change. I am delighted that the

The UK partners with a diverse group of countries showing bold leadership to cancel coal through the No New Coal Power Compact, demonstrating the positive impact that countries working closely together can have to generate climate action.

“The cost of clean and renewable technologies continues to fall, making coal expensive and uncompetitive. I call on more countries to come forward and sign this pact before COP26, and to play their role in limiting global warming and maintaining 1.5 degrees alive. “

Michael R. Bloomberg, UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Climate Ambition and Solutions, said: “Ending coal-fired power is a global imperative – for climate and public health – that will create well paying jobs around the world. .

“At Bloomberg Philanthropies, we have already helped remove over 65% of US coal-fired power plants and more than half of those in Europe. As we continue to develop this work, it is encouraging to see more countries and countries. regions raise their ambitions and show the way forward. “


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