LAC supports abortion legislation – Informanté

Eba Kandovazu

WITH ongoing discussions about whether or not to legalize abortion, the Namibian Bar Association indicated that it is advocating for women’s rights to choose.

LAC Director Toni Hancox in a statement said that the decision to abort a fetus is a matter of personal conscience that should not be imposed by law in the absence of a scientific or human rights-based consensus on the issue.

“Furthermore, purely religious views cannot be imposed on the public by law in a secular state, such as Namibia. We advocate that greater scope for deciding whether or not to have an abortion should be accompanied by better access to family planning measures for girls and women of all ages, ”Hancox said.

FREEDOM OF CHOICE: Director of LAC, Toni Hancox. Photo: Contributed

Hancox, at the same time, called for continued actions to prevent gender-based violence and gender inequality that lead to unwanted pregnancies and the provision of information before a decision is made about abortion, adding that many people are unaware of options. alternatives such as foster care, adoption, or the mechanisms they can use to secure financial support from the parent or the state.

The #I also The movement in Namibia in a statement also advocates the legalization of abortion, warning that national discussions should focus on evidence-based arguments and not personal or religious beliefs and fear.

“Legalizing abortion is expanding health care for women and abortion is safe when administered by a doctor. In 2018, the Ministry of Health and Social Services reported that 7,335 cases of abortion had been registered in a period of ten months in 2016. Of these cases, only 138 were medical procedures and the rest were non-medical, illegal, “street”, abortions spontaneous and / or prone to risk, ”said the movement.

According to the movement, 103 pregnancy-related deaths have been recorded, with abortion being one of the main contributors.

“It cannot be denied that even in our current legal context, women choose to terminate their pregnancies, the reasons why they do so are centered on the choice, the lack of preparation for motherhood and many other reasons that this debate will not solve” said the movement.

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