Kisan Sansad: Farmers File ‘No Confidence’ Motion Against Modi’s Government | Chandigarh News

Bathinda: With 12 opposition parties participating in the “parallel parliament” organized by an agricultural organization in Jantar Mantar in Delhi, protesting farmers on Friday tabled a “motion of censure” against Narendra Modi’s government. On the 12th day of “Kisan Sansad”, MPs from opposition parties, led by Congressman Rahul Gandhi, told them that they would not let Parliament function until the farmers’ laws were repealed.
The monsoon session of Parliament will continue until August 13. During those 12 days, the farmers debated the three contentious agricultural laws, apart from the Electricity Law and the Air Quality Management Law.
Gandhi said Narendra Modi’s government was not listening to the opposition’s demand to repeal farm laws and debate Pegasus spyware. The opposition parties fully agreed with the farmers in making their voices heard.
Earlier, agricultural chief Balbir Singh Rajewal “tabled the motion of censure”. Second, Yogendra Yadav listed seven counts against the seven years of the NDA government.
Yadav said the first charge was “cheating” in the name of doubling farm income. The government has promised to double the farm income in six years which will expire on February 27, 2022. To double the income, the growth should have been 10.4% per year, but according to the government’s economic survey, the growth is 3.3% per annum, which was even lower than the previous UPA government when it was 4.5%.
The second charge was that she had failed to secure a 50% profit on the cost of inputs. He closed the bonus on harvests and implemented the report of the Shanta Kumar committee on the dissolution of the FCI. He changed the settings and counted the partial entry cost on A2FL + 50 instead of the full cost under C2 + 50%.
He changed the import-export policy “while snatching money from farmers”. In 2014, the export was 1.59 lakh crore more than the imports, which had decreased to 1 lakh crore, he said.
The Center increased the cost of inputs to farmers by raising the prices of diesel. The farmers also accused the government of not applying the “Fasal Bima Yozna” correctly. Farm chief Darshanpal led the discussion when the “motion” was tabled. Retired officials from Punjab also attended the “sansad”.

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