IQDAX announces updates to its new Trade Elite Ambassador platform

SYDNEY, November 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The digital asset exchange platform IQDAX is proud to announce the launch of its new Global Ambassador Program, operating under the TradeElite brand. Having previously informed potential Ambassadors of this upcoming event, the company is delighted to have taken the next step in the launch process, unveiling new elements of its offering.

The TradeElite program offers opportunities for all levels of ambassadors, living by the motto of “Connect”. To grow. Prosper.’ These words characterize the philosophy behind TradeElite, which will offer three levels for new participating Ambassadors:

  • Connect (New Ambassadors) – this level provides a basic level of IQDAX support and a series of low commission rewards.
  • Grow (VIP Ambassadors) – program participants at this level will enjoy significantly increased support and a greater rewards base.
  • Thrive (Exclusive Ambassadors) – at this level, Ambassadors will benefit from greater support from IQDAX’s expertise, as well as a number of deep rewards that encourage participation, including sharing of bounty tokens .

In addition, IQDAX plans to launch an additional bonus program for speculative clients, which represents a bold new development in its trading offering.

As the leading margin trading platform for cryptocurrency, Forex, and stocks, IQDAX brings the skills and experience to make its Ambassador platform a compelling offering. Brand Ambassadors are a crucial part of the company’s development in 2021 and beyond, as it continues to grow over the next twelve months.

“We are excited to launch our new Ambassador program, following many new developments here at IQDAX,” said Sofia rubio, Business Development Advisor at IQDAX. “Programs like TradeElite offer a unique opportunity to market the company, while offering real added value to ambassadors.

While IQDAX has many innovative projects to come, the launch of TradeElite is certainly one of the most exciting new developments for the company and is integral to the growth on the global stage.

Other key things to note for potential ambassadors include the speed at which IQDAX is growing currently, future plans include expanding the brand to over 100 countries and territories. The brand is keeping some of its other innovative measures a secret for now, but there will be more before the end of the year.

For now, TradeElite represents a new revolution in the financial markets, and IQDAX promises its brand ambassadors many benefits as a reward for their participation.

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