ION Markets Acquires Clarus Financial Technology, a Provider of SaaS Analytics and Data for Derivatives

ION‘s XTP Offer will be extended with real-time margin and risk management and monitoring services for cleared and non-cleared OTC derivatives.

ION Markets, a global provider of analysis, trading and risk management solutions for capital markets, has confirmed its acquisition of Clarus Financial Technology, a provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) analytics, data and research for global derivatives markets.

Derivatives markets are enhanced with updated regulatory requirements as well as the adoption of innovative technologies and SaaS analytics.

As a key component of ION Markets, Clarus will provide its SaaS analytics products for real-time margin and risk management of cleared and non-cleared (OTC) derivatives. These should help expand ION’s XTP offering and complement ION’s JANUS pricing and valuation expertise with the initial margin for OTC derivatives, and provide further risk management analysis of wallet.

Clarus’ functionality is expected to enable companies to adhere to the updated Unmatched Margin (UMR) rules regulation for OTC derivatives.

Clarus data provides greater transparency in derivatives trading, spanning exchanges, clearing houses, execution venues and trade repositories. This data is necessary for buyers and sellers, brokers, service providers and regulators to accurately analyze, inform, monitor and participate in the traded markets.

Clarus also provides market commentary and analysis on derivatives markets, disseminated through the Clarus blog, which is said to have more than 20,000 monthly active users.

Hisham Caramanli, Chief Product Officer of the ION Group, said:

“The acquisition of Clarus expands ION Markets’ offering within its XTP platform, further automating and simplifying the post-trade derivatives business. This strategic expansion demonstrates ION Markets’ leadership position as a provider of capital markets management solutions and our continued focus on digitizing and automating workflows.

Amir Khwaja, CEO of Clarus Financial Technology. have noticed :

“OTC derivatives is a market with favorable regulatory winds that are driving change and SaaS analytics and data are critical to success. As a member of ION Markets, Clarus will be able to make the most of this trend, maximizing the ability to serve clients while providing complementary services to XTP, JANUS and other ION Group offerings. ION.

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