GOP billionaire to organize fundraiser for ‘great American’ Joe Manchin

Although Senator Joe Manchin’s approval ratings in his home state of West Virginia have seen a steady decline in recent years and he has been reprimanded for his blocking of President Joe Biden’s program by members powerful in his own party, the right-wing Democrat will have at least one ultra-rich Republican working to ensure he retains his seat when re-elected in 2024.

“When billionaires take over our elections, we get a country that bends to their will.”

Ken Langone, a billionaire investor and longtime Republican campaign donor, said CNBC On Wednesday, he plans to have “one of the biggest fundraisers I’ve ever had” for Manchin in light of the senator’s refusal to support the first Build Back Better Act.

Langone called Manchin a “great American” and praised his “guts and courage” in torpedoing his own party’s efforts to pass the law, a 10-year investment in social spending that originally included the provisions. widely popular, including an expansion of Medicare benefits, paid family and medical leave, and a tuition-free community college.

Democrats are still debating the package, which is expected to change again before the Senate votes on it. At the end of last month, the proposal was reduced from $ 3.5 trillion to $ 1.75 trillion, with many low- and middle-income household assistance programs cut or severely weakened due to the obstruction of Manchin and other right-wing Democrats.
Langone also applauded Manchin’s so-called “leadership”, which manifested in the form of his refusal to support the Clean Energy Performance Program (CEPP), which would aim to replace the country’s coal and gas-fired power plants. by solar and wind power plants. electrical infrastructure. Contrary to Langone’s claim that Manchin, whose family profits from coal sales in West Virginia, “rule” the nation with his opposition to the bill, numerous studies have shown that employment opportunities are increasing. in clean energy sectors such as petroleum, coal and natural energy. gas see losses or stagnation.

“in search of America’s billionaires.”

“Manchin collects his money to make sure the poor stay poor and billionaires like Langone don’t pay taxes,” noted comments from journalist Krystal Ball of Langone.

While Manchin has gutted various provisions of the Build Back Better Act in recent months, his re-election committee has raised over $ 1.5 million, with contributions from JPMorgan Chase, Duke Energy, Southern Nuclear Operating Co., UBS Americas and PG&E.

“When billionaires take over our elections”, noted popular group Democracy for America, “We are getting a country that bends to their will. We have to get a lot of money out of politics.”

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