Giving ’til it hurts can feel alright

In a dispute between billionaires, Mark Cuban once said his bank account was much bigger than Donald Trump’s. He could write a bigger check than Trump, Cuban claimed – without even knowing he was missing.

Make no mistake, rich people can be extraordinarily generous. Countless nonprofits and others in need would be completely lost without the massive and thoughtfully targeted donations that deeply affect society.

But if you can write a huge check and not miss the money in the slightest bit, it might not mark the ceiling of true generosity. Those who have little and give up some of it? It’s generous.

How many of you can remember a sleight of hand for Unicef, essentially freezing your keester in the dark, knocking on strangers’ doors and asking for a coin or two to help fill your little Unicef ​​box? If it wasn’t for generosity, we don’t know what it is.

And now the folks at Orchard Ridge are once again reminding us what it’s like to give.

Last week, the low-income residents of The Grove Apartments in Orchard Ridge were featured in a delightful Bill Buley story titled “Chronic Benefactors Deliver.” In this case, people did what they could to buy sports drinks for the men and women who were risking their lives fighting the forest fires in the area.

Accustomed to generosity, benefactors have raised around $ 200 – an amount that many of you reading this editorial could afford without getting too much sleep or missing too many meals. But for the Orchard Ridge crew, you had better believe they felt the pinch – and rejoiced in the feeling of helping someone in need.

As has been recounted relentlessly in this journal over the years, we live in a region of not only abundance, but also abundant kindness and generosity. Donations of several thousand and in some cases even millions of dollars have been reported, often enough that it did not have the impact of truly rare events.

But as you can see when you look closely, sometimes those who have the least really give the most.

Friends of The Grove Apartments, be blessed.

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