Ghislaine Maxwell used her husband’s office to secure a mortgage, which could pay off Epstein’s accuser – Report


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The charge on Maxwell’s house has since reportedly been removed from land register documents, it is apparently not clear whether the loan was actually repaid.

Ghislaine Maxwell, former partner of disgraced financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, managed to raise a substantial sum of money via a complex scheme involving the company of her “secret husband” Scott Borgerson, Time reports.

According to the newspaper, in 2017, just weeks after Maxwell reached an out-of-court settlement in a libel case with Epstein’s accuser Virginia Roberts Guiffre, the former took out a £ 2million mortgage against his three-story house in London.

The charge on the property in question was allegedly placed by Pleuston LLC, a company owned by Borgerson.

“The business lends money, rather than the husband directly,” said a mortgage expert quoted by the newspaper. “His [an] incredibly complex [structure] to raise funds “.

The expert also reportedly described the loan as unusual due to the amount of money loaned that exceeded the property’s value.

The money obtained through the loan could have been used by Maxwell to pay the aforementioned settlement, suggests the newspaper, noting that in 2016, Ghislaine sold her “$ 15 million house in New York” after reaching a confidential deal. with two of Epstein’s accusers.

The charge on the house was reportedly removed from land register documents in 2020, the year Maxwell was arrested in the United States, although it is not clear whether the loan was actually repaid; the building is apparently still the property of Ghislaine.

The documents cited by the newspaper are said to come from a 2017 libel lawsuit filed by Giuffre.

After being arrested in New Hampshire in 2020, Maxwell is currently awaiting trial in New York for playing a role in Epstein’s “sexual exploitation and abuse of several underage girls”.

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