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German Economy and Climate Minister Robert Habeck said on Sunday he expected his country to be fully independent of Russian crude oil imports by the end of the summer.

The Economy and Climate Ministry said the goal was “realistic” in a tweet.

In a statement, Habeck said Germany, Europe’s largest economy, had already reduced its share of Russian energy imports to 12% for oil, 8% for coal and 35% for natural gas.

Ukraine and other countries, including the Baltic states, have reduced their energy imports from Russia and pressured Germany to do the same.

What did the German Economy and Climate Minister say?

Habeck said in the statement, “All these measures we are taking require a huge joint effort from all players and they also mean costs that are felt by both the economy and consumers.”

He added that the measures taken to wean Germany off Russian energy “are necessary if we no longer want to be blackmailed by Russia”.

Germany’s central bank has said cutting off the country completely from Russian oil could cause inflation to rise and the country’s economic output to fall by about 5%.

EU energy payments grease the Russian war machine

European payments to Russia amount to billions of euros and are credited with sustaining the Russian economy.

This week the EU will consider an embargo on Russian oil. The move comes after a decision to ban imports of Russian coal from August.

Currently, the EU pays Russia 850 million dollars (780 million euros) a day for oil and natural gas. Germany is one of the biggest beneficiaries of Russian energy.

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