GBPAUD | Outlook for the new week for FX: GBPAUD by Darcsherry

Following bearish pressures appear to be accentuated in the AU $ 1.89150 / AU $ 1.89550 area. Since the end of August 2021, we can observe that prices continue to reject this area as buyers find it difficult to push prices further. Following a continued rejection of AU $ 1.8950 which also makes a confluence at exactly 61.8% retracement previous bearish the momentum and disappointing UK retail sales report failed to boost the pound sterling on the major pairs, I see an opportunity to t
take a bearish bias on this pair in the coming weeks.

Tendency: Bearish trend ( Bearish )
Structure: Distribution | Offer and demand | Trend line | Inversion model ( 61.8% retracement )
Observation: I. The line drawn under pivot bottom is a visual representation of the assistance level which reveals the dominant direction of price action since early September 2021.

ii. As of April 2019, the AU $ 1.89150 / 1.89550 is an area that has a memory for bearish momentum.

iii. The Bullish Trendline guided the price to AU $ 1.89350 during last week’s trading session to form a Double top look alike.

iv. Double Top: Have a very bearish technical inversion pattern inside a Supply area seems to be a signal that a risk of further price decline is imminent as long as the price drops below AU $ 1.88400 (Neckline) in the coming week (s).

v. Below the key level @ AU $ 1.88950 remains a comfortable area to sell the pound to the Aussie in the coming weeks.

vi. Another split / retest of AU $ 1.88400 welcomes an opportunity to add to our existing position… Trade Consciously! 😊
Negotiation plan: SELL confirmation with a minimum potential profit of 250 pips.
Risk / Reward: 1: 5
Potential duration: 2-7 days

NB: This speculation could be considered to make individual decisions on a shorter period.

Watch this space for updates as price action is watched.


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