Elon Musk’s wealth skyrockets 22,000 crore as Tesla reports 87% increase in deliveries in 2021

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the world’s richest person whose net worth topped $ 185 billion (£ 136 billion) in 2021, recently recorded one of the biggest jumps in a day of its wealth in early 2022. There are reports that Tesla Inc amassed huge revenues after breaking the company’s previous records for its electric vehicle deliveries and shares of the electric car maker soared on Monday “on the moon”. Musk’s own wealth rose from $ 33.8 billion to $ 304.2 billion as of Jan. 3, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Musk once again passed Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who now sits second on the list with a fortune of $ 196 billion.

Tesla shares rise 13.5% to US $ 1,199.78 after company announces 87% increase in sales

Tesla shares fell 13.5% to US $ 1,199.78 on Monday in the company’s fourth quarter results. Analysts say sales of Tesla electric cars have far exceeded estimates of automatic deliveries made by internal experts at the company. This is a promising development for Musk’s electric car company whose stock prices fell in November and December at the end of the year, but Tesla Inc.’s market valuation rose above $ 1,000 billion earlier yesterday. This could be attributed to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who owns around 18% of Tesla’s shares and reduced his stake by 10% last year. Musk sold more than US $ 10 billion in shares of the company for what he claimed to “pay his taxes.”

Likewise, last year Musk made an estimated $ 25 billion profit in a single day. As Tesla’s share rose 20%, Musk’s fortune multiplied to $ 174 billion. Musk also reportedly benefited from a sudden rise in the value of bitcoin and the gain brought his fortunes closer to that of Bezos. Musk also became the richest percentage in the world after making $ 210 billion last year taking first place from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who had held the post since 2017. At the time, Tesla reached a market value of $ 700 billion (£ 516 billion) for the first time.

Musk was also named “Person of the Year 2021” by Time Magazine at the end of 2021. The billionaire took over the title from US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, both of whom did so on the cover of the magazine’s prestigious title earlier last year. In the official announcement, Time revealed that the richest man in the world currently does not own a home and instead sold his fortune, referring to Musk’s Tesla shares.

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