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Good afternoon everyone. Happy Election Night! Tune in for live updates throughout the night.

11:59 pm: I’m saying goodbye. Parliament will look very different in this period of government. There will be a number of very disappointed and unemployed national MPs, and plenty of fresh faces from ACT and Labor, who will be put to the test.

In the days ahead, all eyes will be on whatever deal Labor makes with the Greens and the consequences within National.

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see how progressive Labor is without NZ First in the picture, and what, if anything, it uses its political capital on. The handover would have to be an approach to ensure that the country indeed “keeps moving.”

Thanks for tuning in. Good evening!

11:39 pm: 96.9% of the votes now:

11:35 pm: Returning to Ardern’s speech, he nodded to the voters who switched from National to Labor: “For those of you, who may not have supported Labor before – and the results tell me there were some of you – for you , for you I say thank you. We will not take your support for granted. “

Ardern called for unity: “We are too small to lose sight of other people’s perspective. Elections are not always good for bringing people together. But they don’t have to separate each other, either. And in times of crisis, I think New Zealand has shown it. “

He said New Zealand would rebuild “better and stronger” from Covid-19.

“This is our opportunity to build an economy that works for everyone; continue creating decent jobs; improve and train our people; to protect our environment and address our climate challenges; tackle poverty and inequality; to turn all the uncertainty and difficult times into a cause for hope and optimism. It is an opportunity that we have already seized and a plan that we have drawn up. “

Ardern referred to Labor’s plan, which “is already in action and already working” around investment in infrastructure, public houses and renewable energy.

11:16 pm: When asked if Kelvin Davis would be the deputy prime minister, Ardern said: “He is our vice chairman of the Labor Party and I have no intention of changing that.”

11.13 pm: Asked by the media if Labor would make arrangements with the Greens, Ardern said tonight’s result gives Labor a “strong and clear mandate” to lead a government. He used the word “command” several times. Ardern said he would take stock before making arrangements on the formation of the government.

10:44 pm: 88.6% of votes counted:

10:34 pm: Huge energy at Labor HQ. Jacinda Ardern says it is clear that Labor will lead the government for the next three years. He said the Labor Party has a mandate to “accelerate” the Covid-19 response and recovery.

“We will govern like we ran the campaign,” Ardern said, claiming victory.

10:26 pm: Labor MP Kelvin Davis is mocking National a bit in his speech at Labor Headquarters. Crowd hanging out to see Jacinda Ardern.

10:07 pm: Judith Collins has called Jacinda Ardern to congratulate her on the result. He admitted that National would be a “robust” opposition.

Collins apologized to the national MPs who did not plan to leave Parliament. He said it was time for the party to “review”, “reflect” and “change.” He said the party had to be strong, disciplined and more connected. “We will be back,” Collins said.

10:02 pm: An excited Judith Collins speaking now … Jacinda Ardern will be arriving at work headquarters soon.

9:52 pm: National’s Mark Mitchell, who has been touted as someone interested in fighting for the party’s leadership, told RNZ he wasn’t thinking or arguing about running. He said replacing Simon Bridges as leader was a bad move. When asked if he had confidence in Judith Collins, he said he did not blame her for the poor results seen so far. He said it would have been difficult for anyone, but did not specifically say that he had confidence in Collins.

9:39 pm: 57.8% of the votes counted. Not only is National losing party votes, it is dropping constituencies.

9:20 pm: Labor’s Grant Robertson, speaking at a Labor event in Wellington, relaxed some of the language he had been using in the election campaign around being “balanced” and providing “stability”, and said that the Labor Party focused on issues to long-term as inequality and productivity. A very slight change in tone that reflects the move away from campaign mode, in which it was targeting not only undecided voters, but Key / English fans as well.

9:08 pm: National’s Gerry Brownlee looks set to lose Ilam’s seat, which he has held since 1996. He is 2,529 votes behind Labor’s Sarah Pallett, who has 12,090 votes. In this electorate, 44.1% of the votes have been counted. Brownlee, who has also led National’s election campaign, told TVNZ that he could have spent more time in his constituency.

8:59 pm: Greens co-leader Marama Davidson has congratulated the Labor Party on a “victory.” Those at Greens HQ look euphoric, according to television images. The Greens are at 8.1%. 39.4% of the votes have been counted.

8:54 pm: The race is close in New Plymouth, with National incumbent Jonathan Young 2,231 votes behind Labor newcomer Glen Bennett. Young was National’s energy spokesperson, while the Coalition Government banned further offshore oil and gas exploration. Of course, New Plymouth is also a dairy farm constituency.

8:46 pm: Grant Robertson of Labor told RNZ that he and Jacinda Ardern were “cautiously optimistic.” He noted that there was some crossover policy between Labor and the Greens, but declined to reveal what kind of compromise Labor might make with the Greens. He said the Labor Party was seeking “the strongest possible mandate.”

8:42 pm: NZ First’s Shane Jones told RNZ reporter Jo Moir that there was a “galactic halo” around Jacinda Ardern. He said politics was “dynamic” and you have to be prepared to watch the ebb and flow of the political tide.

8:36 pm: Tukituki in Hawke’s Bay is turning red too. Labor’s Anna Lorck is ahead of national incumbent Lawrence Yule, 7847 to 6026. Labor is also ahead in the party’s vote in this electorate. Here 36.5% of the votes have been counted.

8:30 pm: The work currently has 46 deputies. As things stand at the moment, he will be able to bring in another 20. National has 54. It would lose 21 seats, including 18 electorate seats. Many jobs were lost and gained.

8:21 pm: Another seat that turns red: Wairarapa. Labor Kieran McAnulty is comfortably ahead of National’s Mike Butterick with 14,963 votes to 9,486. 42.7% of the votes have been counted in this electorate. People in Wairarapa also vote for the Labor party with 50.2%.

8:08 pm: The race is close at Hutt South. National incumbent Chris Bishop is 121 votes behind Labor’s Ginny Anderson. In this electorate, 15.2% of the votes have been counted. Bishop is fine given that so far only 21.1% of the party’s votes in the electorate have gone to National.

7:54 pm: ACT leader David Seymour is on top. Speaking to those at ACT Party headquarters, he said: “The policy framework that New Zealand has today is not sustainable.” ACT is at 7.7%, which means it would get 10 seats in Parliament.

7:52 pm: Stuff reporter Henry Cooke tweeted: “National Party Chairman Peter Goodfellow just told me that the party ‘probably’ cannot ‘win the election.”

7:47 pm: Things are not looking good for NZ First. It is at 2.3% (with 15.1% of the votes counted). Shane Jones is third in the Northland electorate with 1,182 votes. In this electorate 7.8% of the votes have been counted. National’s Matt King is comfortably ahead with 5081.

7:42 pm: National incumbent Nick Smith is behind Labor Rachel Boyack in Nelson’s electorate. Here 44.8% of the votes have been counted. Boyack has 12,768 and Smith has 9868.

7:35 pm: 9.2% of votes counted – Labor very comfortably ahead.

7:32 pm: Former Air NZ CEO and National botany candidate Christopher Luxon is comfortably ahead with 12.8% of the votes counted in this electorate. He has 5,533 votes against Labor Naisi Chen with 3,285.

7:25 pm: Chloe Swarbrick of the Greens leads the charge in Auckland Central’s highly contested electorate so far with 684 votes. Labor Party member Helen White follows with 511 votes. National’s Emma Mellow has 395 votes.

7:10 pm: 1% of the results are in:

19.00 h: For starters, the latest data from the Election Commission shows that 1.98 million people had voted by the end of Friday. That’s 57% of those who had signed up. We can expect to see the results of this considerable portion of votes shortly.

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