Drunk prime minister or weak president fine but no communist please

You had to be in London to see the ax works on Corbyn. Even a biography was published – “Dangerous Hero: Corbyn’s Ruthless Plot for Power”. Written by Tom Bower, the book paints Corbyn in grim colors – “a ruthless Marxist” bent on destroying liberal values. What Peter Oborne of the Daily Mail calls a “fake” document quickly found its way to number two on the Sunday Times bestseller list. Oborne’s research revealed that the biography was “filled with lies”.

It’s the new McCarthyism a hundred times amplified by the media. The malaise is on both sides of the Atlantic. The establishment in the UK dug in their heels against Corbyn and ended up with the embarrassment called Johnson. The “system” in the United States would not allow Bernie Sanders, with his socialist ideas, to be a possible candidate for the White House.

An anti-establishment mood had been diagnosed for months before the 2016 US election. But the Democratic Party machine had set its sights on Hillary Clinton who, ironically, was at the very heart of that establishment. She won the nomination but lost the election to Donald Trump. Any data analysis will tell you that Sanders would have won.

Despite the result in 2016, the Democratic Party again chained Sanders. The media were in action. Thomas Friedman of The New York Times wrote two columns on “Why I Love Mike”. The “Mike” of his adoration, billionaire John Birch Society right-wing billionaire Michael Bloomberg, threw his hat in the ring for the Democratic nomination, spent billions on the campaign and muddy the waters. Everyone rushed to produce a compromise candidate, Joe Biden. In the popularity stakes, Biden is so low that Trump is only a full percentage point behind him.

Contemporary democracy has given us an American president so weak that he is a virtual invitation to Trump’s return. The process also produced a serial binge boozer as Britain’s Prime Minister.

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