Drug bust fuels abortion debate

Anti-abortion stance is no longer a question of morality

Staff reporter

The discovery of sixty-one “abortion pills” during a month-long police anti-drug operation in November has revealed that illegal abortion is a prosperous illicit procedure, especially for young women and teenagers.

Police previously confirmed that a Tanzanian, Burundian and Ugandan man were arrested after being found in possession of 61 Cycotec tablets, valued at N $ 40,050.

Ignorant and vulnerable women in Namibia pay 80 times more for pills that can be legally purchased with a prescription, while a step-by-step prescription is available on various internet sites, guaranteeing a 94% success rate with the first attempt and only 6% of patients resort to a second attempt three days later.

Doctors confirmed that Cycotec is legally prescribed to prevent or cure stomach ulcers in men and women and therefore a man can acquire the pills without raising suspicions to pharmacists. Cycotec / Misoprostol / Misotrol / Arthrotec / Oxapost and several other brands are identified on a website that is promoted as an online medical abortion service.

The site advises that you could request donations between 70 and 90 euros (N $ 1,200 to N $ 1,500) to make sure the service is available to all women. Pharmacists insisted that at legal outlets in the most remote parts of Namibia, the pills are available at a fraction of the value of NZ $ 4,050 that the drug squad assigned to the value of the 61 pills. A total course of 60 pills will cost a little more than N $ 500 in most pharmacies, which is almost a hundred times cheaper than what is sold in the lucrative market of illegal medicine. “Worst of all, it comes in packs of 120 pills, which can end 30 unwanted pregnancies in various stages and could even contribute to the misperception of baby discharge. A package is twice the number of pills confiscated from the three foreigners, “said a doctor, adding that” in many cases, the abandonment of the baby is not a mother who gives birth and then changes her mind, but the induction late chemical abortion and the result is premature birth and stillbirth more than often. Rather than getting rid of the babies, it’s more about getting rid of the evidence. “

Pharmacists and doctors said yesterday that it will be an extremely difficult case to prove, as the drugs are legally available and advice is found on several free public platforms.

The doctor believes that the issue of abortion can no longer be just a moral issue, but measures must be taken to bring the debate to the arena of the realist and to save lives and put an end to illegal and dangerous procedures.

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