Development environment: Visual Studio 2022 extends debugging

Microsoft released the fourth preview of Visual Studio 2022 alongside the first release candidate of .NET 6. The new Razor editor, which had significant stability issues in Preview 3, has been stabilized and extended, as has hot reloading. , including modifications. imports of namespaces, expressions and lambda structures. Developers can now also use hot reload while debugging.

The latter also works in Preview 4 for .NET MAUI applications when debugging. However, the options on iOS and tvOS, which continue to use the Mono Runtime basement in .NET 6, are limited to a few change scenarios.

Integration of the hot reload feature in Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4

XAML Interfaces Live Preview now works not only with Windows Presentation Foundation, but also with Windows UI Library 3 as well as Xamarin Forms and MAUI in conjunction with Android and Windows.

Live preview of a MAUI app for Android

(Image: Microsoft)

It is useful in unit testing as you can now use the Show in test explorer can find the appropriate entry in the list of tests. Although web load tests can now also be created with Visual Studio 2022, Microsoft announced in the release notes that the recorder for UI testing discontinued in April 2019 is no longer migrated to the new IDE 64. bits.

When debugging, developers can now set breakpoints at which the debugger only stops if another breakpoint has been hit first. For the new project type of pure JavaScript / TypeScript projects, Visual Studio offers a graphical NPM package management system, which in terms of visual design still acts like a foreign body in the revamped IDE.

Installing an NPM package in a vue.js project

Tabs of open files can now be colored in the development environment, making it easier to assign projects. This function must be under Tools | Options | Environment | Tabs and windows be activated. The popular user interface theme in Visual Studio Code “Winter is Coming” now exists for the great Visual Studio.

Different colors at the edge of the tab titles symbolize different Visual Studio projects in the current solution.

Another focus of the fourth preview was the strong blog post from Program Manager Mads Kristensen, improving performance, among other things, with file search and input support for C ++.

Unlike the .NET 6 Release Candidate 1, which appeared at the same time, Microsoft also certifies its Visual Studio 2022 development environment in the current version Preview 4 in the release notes Not yet production ready, although .NET applications 6 may not be compiled in the next version of Visual Studio.

Visual Studio 2022 is the first 64-bit version of the development environment to be released by Microsoft. Due to the move from 32 to 64 bit, all extension authors need to make adjustments. Microsoft helps, among other things, with its own documentation. The final release of Visual Studio 2022 with the RTM version of .NET 6 is expected on November 9, 2022.


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