BCI seeks guidance for an interest-free loan of Rs 3 lakh to lawyers

BCI seeks guidance for an interest-free loan of Rs 3 lakh to lawyers


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BCI seeks guidance for an interest-free loan of Rs 3 lakh to lawyers

New Delhi, July 7 (IANS) The Indian Council of Lawyers (BCI) has filed an appeal with the Supreme Court, seeking direction to the Union Center, states and Territories to organize financial assistance, through an interest-free loan of up to Rs 3 lakh each, to lawyers registered with the respective Bar Association.

This loan should be repayable in reasonable monthly installments at least 12 months after normal court operations begin, he said, adding that it has been estimated that nearly 25 to 30 percent of registered advocates would need immediate financial help.

The BCI filed the petition under Article 32 of the Constitution seeking an order to provide financial assistance, including the disbursement of soft loans to financially needy defenders enrolled in the various state Bar Councils in view of the unprecedented crisis facing a large part of lawyers today. According to the BCI, there are currently around 16 lakh lawyers registered with the different State Bar Councils in the country.

The BCI cited the Disaster Management Law, which provides for dealing with contingencies that increase during a disaster. “The provisions of said law, in particular Article 13, provide for the granting of financial assistance, including loans on favorable terms to people affected by the disaster. The government has already taken measures in this regard to provide assistance to certain sectors of the community. society, including businessmen. In the circumstances, it is necessary that adequate relief is also provided to the suffering lawyers, “he said.

The body of attorneys argued that a significant section are first-generation attorneys, where no other family member is in the legal profession. “These defenders depend solely on the regular, albeit meager, income they earn by appearing before different courts and tribunals, as well as before quasi-judicial authorities. This important section of lawyers has no real savings to draw on and is dependent on the regular operation of the courts and tribunals for their support, “argued the allegation.

The BCI insisted that this section is particularly vulnerable financially, since they are relatively new to the profession and, therefore, their financial situation is very precarious. “The prolonged closure of courts and tribunals across the country since March, due to the declared closure by the Indian government and various state governments to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, has caused most rights advocates to humans are deprived of their only source. The situation of some of them is so discouraging that it cannot be an exaggeration to say that they face a virtual famine and require urgent and immediate aid and economic aid, “said the body of lawyers.


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