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May 26: American and JetBlue add reciprocal mileage earnings

Starting today, AAdvantage members can earn elite miles and credits when flying on JetBlue. Similarly, TrueBlue members can earn Mosaic status points and credits when they fly on American. This marks a deepening of cooperation between the two airlines, which originally announced a partnership in July 2020.

Both AAdvantage mileage earnings and True blue point earnings are based on the amount spent on the flight. That’s similar to how you earn AAdvantage miles on American flights and TrueBlue points on JetBlue flights. However, this announcement makes JetBlue the only AAdvantage partner airline where travelers earn miles based on the fare paid, rather than the distance of the flight.

Mileage redemptions have yet to be implemented, but both airlines have hinted that reciprocal mileage redemptions will take place soon.

March 31: American and Alaska Announce Elite Benefits

On March 31, Alaska Airlines joined the Oneworld Alliance, the alliance that American Airlines helped found in 1999. Now that Alaska is part of Oneworld, elite members of American and Alaska are guaranteed elite benefits when flying anywhere. A world airline.

February 23: American Airlines adds free luggage to certain fares

In an effort to provide more consistent offers across its entire flight network, American Airlines announced that it is changing its baggage policies and introducing an entirely new type of rate known as basic economy plus stock market. These are the most notable changes to existing rates:

  • All premium economy fares will now come with two free checked bags on all routes.

  • All main cabin fares on long haul international flights will now include a free checked bag.

American’s newest ticket, the Basic Economy Plus Bag, is designed to get people flying internationally again by offering low, non-refundable fares that avoid baggage fees. Travelers can buy the fare for flights to Asia, Oceania, India and Israel. Please note that the company flexible exchange policies do not apply to basic economy fares or long-haul international flights and many of American Airlines co-branded credit cards They come with free checked luggage too.

January 29: American Airlines Announces Limited-Time Changes to Admirals Club Access

Beginning April 1, passengers flying first or business class between the US and the Caribbean (including the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico), Canada, Mexico, and Central America as well like those flying in a premium cabin on an international route – You can access the Admirals Club lounges for free. Currently, most passengers flying in premium cabins or non-flagship (first class) flights do not have access to lounges, so this will make it much easier for more customers to enjoy Admirals Clubs.

Plus, if you’re an Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro, or Platinum AAdvantage member, starting April 1, you’ll have complimentary access to the Admirals Club on international flights from the US to the Caribbean (including the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico), Canada, Central America and Mexico. Although American claims that these changes are temporary, they are very consumer friendly, so hopefully they will become permanent.

December 15 – AAdvantage members without status can now board early

American Airlines is adding an automatic benefit for anyone who joins its free loyalty program. AAdvantage members without elite status will now board in Group 6, taking priority over passengers who have not signed up for the program.

The real benefit of boarding early is the ability to have more luggage space, so travelers with carry-on luggage won’t have to check their rolling bags at the gate. American Airlines co-branded credit card holders will move forward in Group 4 or 5.

December 10 – American Airlines Announces Elite Choice Awards for Platinum Pro and Executive Platinum Members

To incentivize travelers to qualify for Platinum Pro and Executive Platinum status in 2021, American Airlines announced that it will offer elite choice awards for these two tiers. Below is a full list of award options to choose from:

Additionally, in 2021, Platinum Pro members will also receive A world Emerald state. Emerald is the highest tier of Oneworld and offers benefits like first and business class lounge access, priority boarding and much more. Currently, Platinum Pro elites receive Oneworld Sapphire status, and only Executive Platinum elites have Oneworld Emerald status.

This announcement follows other customer-friendly changes implemented by American Airlines earlier in the year, such as:

  • All members receive an additional three months to attain elite status in 2021.

  • AAdvantage cardholders have an EQD exemption for Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Pro upon reaching an annual spending threshold of $ 30,000, making it easier for members to achieve elite status.

  • Waiver of service charges when members book award tickets through the reservation desk, and there are no redeposition fees on canceled award tickets.

  • Mileage expiration stops until June 30, 2021.

November 24: No more wheelchair weight limits for American Airlines

American Airlines has backtracked a rule that effectively prohibited some wheelchair passengers from traveling on certain routes. The airline now has dropped weight restrictions on wheelchairs. Previously, Americans banned wheelchairs weighing more than 300 pounds on certain small aircraft, but complex motorized wheelchairs can weigh 400 pounds or more, including the battery and motor. The change comes after a triple amputee was turned away at the airport in October due to new wheelchair restrictions.

November 10: American Airlines Eliminates More Fares and Increases Flexibility

As airlines continue to evolve in the COVID-19 travel era, American Airlines has made another move to eliminate even more fees in hopes of giving customers more flexibility to fly. Effective November 11, AAdvantage members will no longer be charged service fees when booking an award ticket through american airlines Bookings. This means that no matter how you book your award ticket, you will not find a service charge.

Also in relation to award fees, American is getting rid of reinstatement fees, which were charged to customers when it was necessary to cancel an award flight and redeposit miles into their accounts. Lastly, American is extending its hiatus on mileage expiration to June 30, 2021.

Oct 14: American Airlines Increases Flexibility and Profits by 2021

American Airlines today announced its changes to the AAdvantage program for 2021. These changes reflect the times and how airlines are adapting to lure travelers back to the skies as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

The thresholds for obtaining elite status in 2021 are being lowered from the standard levels, and travelers will have 15 months (instead of the normal 12) to meet these elite status requirements. Additionally, members can get a waiver of the already reduced Elite Qualifying Dollar (EQD) requirements by spending their credit card.

AAdvantage Elite benefits will also be more flexible in 2021 – instead of getting declared pre-determined benefits, higher elites will be able to choose from a menu of options that are best for their situation.

August 31: Delta and American follow United’s lead and eliminate various exchange fees

American’s policy (effective immediately) will apply to all domestic and international short haul flights for First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy, and Main Cabin tickets. American’s policy covers domestic flights (including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands), as well as international flights to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Later today we will have a more detailed analysis of all these changes.

July 16: JetBlue and American Airlines Announce New Partnership

american airlines Y JetBlue issued a surprise announcement today featuring a new strategic partnership It will provide more route options, especially for travelers in the Northeast. The benefits for travelers include a proposed codeshare on around 200 routes currently operated by individual airlines, allowing travelers to combine them into a single itinerary to simplify ticketing, check-in and connections. American also announced that it would resume international service from New York (JFK) to Rio de Janeiro this winter, in addition to adding service to Athens, Greece and Tel Aviv, Israel. JetBlue will increase its presence in the New York City area with new flights at LaGuardia and Newark, as well as more flights at JFK.

Photo courtesy of American Airlines.

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