2020 Election: Republicans Maintain Majority in Iowa House of Representatives and Control State Government | Govt. And politics

Republicans said during the campaign that they felt good about their incumbents and also believed they had their own opportunities to change the seats held by Democrats.

Democrats only got one seat: In suburban Cedar Rapids, where Democrat Eric Gjerde defeated Republican Sally Ann Abbott in an open-seat race previously held by Republican Ashley Hinson, who won a congressional race On tuesday night.

Meanwhile, Republicans traded seven seats held by Democrats: In the Polk County suburbs, Eddie Andrews defeated incumbent Karin Derry and Garrett Goble defeated incumbent Heather Matson; Brooke Boden defeated incumbent Scott Ourth in Warren County; Cherielynn Westrich defeated incumbent Mary Gaskill in Wapello County; Martin Graber defeated incumbent Jeff Kurtz in Lee County; and Chad Ingels defeated Jodi Grover in a vacant Fayette County seat held by Democrats.

And Steven Bradley defeated incumbent Andy McKean, a former Republican who switched parties to become a Democrat in 2019, in Jackson County.

The Iowa Senate will also remain under Republican control after Tuesday’s election. Most were never really in doubt, as Republicans entered the election with a 32-18 lead.

“That’s a mandate,” said Jack Whitver, Republican Majority Leader in the Ankeny Senate, in post-election remarks. “That is a mandate for what we are doing here in the state of Iowa.”

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